Aptia India

Aptia will be a true global business

Aptia India will be key in delivering client centric services to the businesses globally.

Aptia India will have the unique opportunity to contribute towards the development of new products and services, whilst driving transformation and digitisation of the existing businesses.

Aptia is a global business, and the Executive Team will be based in Boston and London. As a part of a progressive operating model, India will manage the key global support functions such as Marketing, Finance, Technology, HR, Legal, Risk and Compliance. These teams will be based in Mumbai.

“Aptia India will be an integral part of this exciting journey and key to overall success. We will be at the very heart of innovation and digital transformation”.

RK Rangan, Chairman, Aptia Group India

RK Rangan Chairman, Aptia Group India

Aptia India’s Chairman, RK Rangan, has over 30 years’ experience of working in the financial services industry across many different fields. He specialises in strategic development and transforming businesses and has held President/MD and CEO positions with many large global corporates including Nomura, Lehman Brothers, Prudential, AXA and American Express.

Aptia is majority owned by Bain Capital Insurance

Bain Capital Insurance is the dedicated insurance arm of Bain Capital, which is a leading global private investment business operating across four continents – this ensures Aptia will have secure backing and investment well into the future.

Aptia India’s ethos

We will aim to deliver intelligent and thoughtful solutions to our clients’ needs through our proven expertise and our specialist knowledge in pensions and benefits administration; providing them with a fast but reliable response.

Why should you work for us? 

Aptia India will strive to be a thoughtful and innovative employer. We will invest in our colleagues from the beginning to help them deliver the best possible service to our clients. 

Our colleagues will be at the heart of our business; everyone will be able to share in both the success and growth of the business and will be awarded accordingly.

As a colleague of Aptia India you will benefit from our entrepreneurial spirit, our strategic approach and our commitment to building strong, competent teams within each area of our business. 

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